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Whilst the moment comes to sell your horse, it is important to protect yourself plus your rights with any bill regarding sale. A bill of sale clearly spells from the terms regarding the arrangement, including the obtain value of the animal, each and every payment arrangements and the name of the horse being sold. Any bill of sale can also outline any pre-sale arrangements, these kinds of as a vet check or soundness examination. Whilst not every horse sale transaction requires a bill of sale, if the sale cost can be measured on thousands regarding dollars a bill about sale is probably in purchase.

Trouble: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Registration papers X-rays or vet examination Soundness record

1 Start the bill regarding sale with a complete description of the horse being sold, including the animal's breed, registered name plus registration number. Furthermore include all unusual markings, including stars, snips and other facial markings plus the appearance of any white socks.

2 Detail any pre-sale checks that own taken place, including soundness examinations, x-rays plus vet checks. These details will be important if any dispute arises later on. Attach copies of each veterinary examinations to the bill of sale, and keep a copy for yourself as well.

3 Spell out the complete pay for price about the horse, and detail any payment agreements that experience been made. If you are selling some very pricey animal, the buyer might want to make payments over time. Be sure these payments are spelled out clearly in the bill of sale.

4 Include the full name and the address about the buyer on the bill about sale. Furthermore include a place for either buyer and seller to sign and date the sales understanding.

5 Make copies of all applicable paperwork, including the horse's registration papers, the bill about sale itself and all supporting documentation.

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