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The Premise

Behind every great idea, there's someone with horrible intentions. Or at least that's how events always seem to play out.

The inorganic angel Rosiel turned his attentions away from ruling Heaven for a moment, putting effort into founding an alternative university for denizens of the Earth. After all, this age had so many unique souls running about, and someone needed to groom them into decent beings. He built the academy from scratch, hired faculty and invented a challenging curriculum that would allow the students creativity, and opened up shop.

All would have been well if he didn't have a demon whispering in his ear. The Leading Player was hired to be the Dean of students, and he knew opportunity when he saw it. He set about harnessing the energy of this college, easy enough when considering the fact it had once been a sanitarium. Soon, the supernatural goings-on at the school couldn't be ignored. It was only a matter of time before the most cynical of the lot were faced with proof even they couldn't explain away.

Most would tell you that war is brewing at Aoide University. To be honest, what's ahead isn't nearly that drastic. Wars are open for all to see. This battle is fought in the shadows. Those that talk, they do have one thing right. It's time to pick a side.

Do you side with the angel to protect the student body? Or do you join forces with the one that could possibly be the Devil incarnate?

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